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Goldstone Gemstone Meaning & History

Goldstone Meaning

Goldstone is a perfect gift for loved ones who are away as it is believed to store energy of those who touch it. It may deflect negative energies and is highly regarded as a protection mineral. Mystics use it for long-distance healing. Its copper content makes it helpful in areas of inflammation and increasing blood flow.

It is used as an energy stone.



The Importance of Gemstone Jewelry in our High Tech World:

Today's high-tech world makes it necessary for one to wear gemstone jewelry. We live in a world with a chaotic energy field, created by electronics around us. Modern conveniences such as cell phones, computers and microwaves emit radiation and electromagnetic waves that interfere with our bodies' magnetic fields. Fortunately, nature has given us the gift of gemstones, whose organic energies help us return to our natural healthy state. However, gemstones need to be worn in order for us to gain the full benefits of its energies, as its energies are extended to approximately 1 foot. Gemstone jewelry is the most convenient way to maintain bodies magnetic field, without invasive medical procedures. It is the most stylish, easiest way to maintain your health, restoring bodily, mental, spiritual health to its perfect natural state.

Goldstone History

Goldstone is a man-made stone that was discovered during the European renaissance in Italy.


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